January Employee of the Month!

Congratulations to Caley Sweeney, our January Employee of the Month!


Caley has been a hard working technician assistant at Colonial for over half a decade.  Over the past two years she has been supporting Dr. Giroux, our Radiologist, by comforting patients during their ultrasounds while tirelessly trying to keep her doctor on schedule.

Caley and her fiancée became new home owners this year and took on the huge job of renovating their new home together with their family.  Their Miniature Pinscher, Dozer and Mini Pig, Pete love the new accommodations and spend their day redecorating to keep mom and dad on their toes.  Caley is also busy planning for the perfect fall wedding later this year.

As this month’s employee of the month, Caley’s fellow workers recognized her for being a team player, for always being willing to help no matter what the task, and for her compassion towards our patients.

Thank you, Caley, for all that you do!
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