For Referring Doctors and Hospitals:

We will see your clients/patients when you are unavailable or when you refer them to us between 8am -10pm 7 days/ week.

We will take care of your patients as we care for our own.

We will send a report to you by the morning after we see your client/patient for an emergency.

Our board certified specialists will send you a very prompt report – most often the same day as the appointment.

For Dr. Ross’s surgical cases – we will send you laboratory results and discharge instructions by the day the pet is released from the hospital so you are kept informed. Dr. Ross will send his report to you normally within 2 weeks. This can be longer if it is a complicated case. (Of course, if you need the information sooner, we can rush the information to you more quickly) Please call us if you need the information more quickly. Even if the report is not finalized we will be happy to give you the information over the phone.

Dr. Cortright will normally have her written ultrasound reports to you within 24 hours. If it is an urgent case or if you request a telephone call, she will phone as soon as she has the results.

We will honor your preference to receive the information by fax, email, or postal mail.

We would love to talk to you. Please feel free to pick up the telephone and our doctors will come to the phone and personally discuss a case.

We will be happy to look at laboratory results or radiographs that you have done and will not repeat unless it is medically necessary for the patient.

We are committed to the team approach. We will see your patient when you refer to us, keep you informed and get your client/patient right back to you as soon as possible.

We really want to know how we are doing, please let us know. We invite suggestions and constructive criticism.