Pet Insurance


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There is not one individual insurance company that is right for everyone, just like there is not one auto insurance company that is best for everyone. Please ask our staff for more information.

We also recommend that you check out Just answer a few questions, and they will make recommendations on pet insurance companies that could be a good fit for you. The companies will send you an email with information and rates. It is user friendly, but it will take some time to pick a company that will be best for you. We feel that it is worth the time it takes to research the best company for you and your pet.

Colonial Veterinary Hospital does not endorse a particular company or plan. We caution clients that there is no policy that affords 100% coverage. While we have had many clients and patients benefit from pet insurance, we have experienced first-hand the fact that insurance companies deny claims based on pre-existing condition and congenital and hereditary problems. It is up to each individual pet owner to research information and carefully evaluate pet insurance plans in order to decide if pet insurance should be part of the financial planning for their pet’s health. We are happy to help guide you through this process, so feel free to contact us with any of your questions or concerns.