Our First December Employee of the Month!

December has two Employees of the Month!
Congratulations to Kristen Lemoncelli, our First December Employee of the Month!


Lemons, as she is affectionately called by the staff, is an extremely talented and compassionate licensed veterinary technician who joined our team in 2008. She is one of our oncology technicians who works with Dr. Rassnick two days a week, and fills in where needed on the other days. She can be counted on to do anything that is asked of her; the list goes on and on. Kristen is very kind and caring but keeps us laughing with her great sense of humor. When she is not at work she is probably doing agility with one or more of her amazing Australian Shepherds: Bentley, Chesney, Kix, Paisley and Reba, they all keep her very busy. On the rare occasions she is home, she can relax because her two cats Reggie and Tamara Jean run the household.

Thank you, Lemons, for all that you do!