A New clinical trial for dogs with untreated lymphoma! Your dog may be able to participate if a canine lymphoma diagnosis has been confirmed, or is highly suspected, and you do not choose to treat with chemotherapy. Eligible dogs cannot have received any steroid treatment before trial enrollment. Your pet will receive FREE prednisone (steroid) after evaluation by our Oncology Service. You must be willing to provide us with periodic updates after the initial visit. Updates can be done by phone or email. Please contact us now for more information at 607-257-3650 and ask to speak with an Oncology Technician regarding the CALYPSO study!


Canine LYmPhoma Steriod Only (CALYPSO) clinical study:
A multi-centered study to determine the response to steroid therapy: how long it lasts, do certain types of lymphoma respond better than others to prednisone, and most importantly how quality of life is improved.